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Visit the clients that trust in our circuit board fabrication

Visited Jerry in the US on Oct 6th

–By Penny

My name is Penny, I’m working in PS Electronics, a CIRCUIT BOARD FABRICATION company. Every year we have two times customer visitation, one time is during April-May, another is Oct-Nov. This year 2017 luckily I was appointed to visit America and Mexico customers with my sales director Tom Cao, the first stop we went to the Ohio USA to visit one big potential customer called Jerry who worked at the company more than 35 years, he was the production manager, also good at engineering.

We had a happy meeting with him and other colleagues, they promised will give us a chance to make samples for them after we talked and showed our company capability and the missions, Sales Director Tom promised:

1. Provide high quality PCB and good lead time to customer, because quality is first.
2. Provide quickly professional and excellent service to each customer.
3. Provide good opportunity to their staff, teach them to become more and more better and professional, then they can try best to expand the market.

Customer gave us the recognized and highly praised, after the meeting, we visited the almost full automatic production rooms, which is a fantastic EMS company in Ohio, their customer is the biggest ammeter vendor in the USA. We felt moved they gave us the clothes as the gift,  then had a nice lunch together.

Visit the clients in the US

Visited Luis in Mexico on Oct 20th

​–By Penny

It was unforgettable and nice trip to Mexico for me and my Sales Director Tom Cao, the first stop was to Monterrey, México, it was a hurried trip, we directly flew to CUAUHTEMOC after visiting the customer in Monterrey, so it was a little late, we arrived at CUAUHTEMOC Airport until 22:00 at night, but we felt warm and moved, because our super VIP customers Luis was waiting for us at the airport even our fly late arrived 1 hours, then drove us to the hotel, also help us booked the best hotel in this city in advance, we can not express how moved we were at that time, he played a role as our family member, prepared well everything for us, that’s warm feeling was indescribable.

The second day, we visited their factory which is the top 3 biggest in that city, we talk more about the company’s future development and changes in the industry, Luis was very appreciated for our support, said “thanks to your excellent and professional circuit board fabrication so that we can expand so fast during the past 3 years, nowadays more and more customers trust me and give me chance to support them, all thanks to your high quality, good lead time and excellent service”. We said the quality is first in our company, our good quality feedback more than 98% within past 10 years, we trust make customer’s job easier, customers can return more orders and trust too, in one word it was unforgettable and happy talk.

The third day, Luis took us to Mexico City, to visit the old history’s buildings and famous museums.

Visit Mexico City

To those focus on circuit board fabrication, customers’ trust is the most important. I’m proud we got appreciated for all the things we do for our customers. Never stop, we have to do more for our customers and be the best PCB supplier in their minds.

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