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The Best PCB Manufacturer of Dušan

Visited Marinković in Latvia on Dec 18th, 2018

–By Karen

My name is Karen, comes from PS in charge of sales of PCB fabrication and assembly.

At the end of 2018, before Christmas, I flew to Latvia with our sales manager Cindy to visit our important customers. Because the Christmas Holiday was coming, the streets and shopping malls were full of Christmas atmosphere, very lively.
After arriving at Riga, we went straight to the client company and the customer was waiting for us. Of course, we had prepared Christmas gifts for our customers. What surprised us a lot is that the customer also prepared a New Year gift for us. This made me very moved! Then, we had a pleasant meeting, and the customer expressed satisfaction with our past services, praise us as the best PCB manufacturer and hoped that we would continue.
After the end, we went back to the hotel to rest.
Before returning home, we brought a lot of local specialties and delicious chocolate to our colleagues. That was the culture of our company, I really liked this warm working environment. I hope that in the new year, the company will develop better and better!


Visited Novakovski in Poland on Dec 20th, 2018

–By Karen

After the trip to Latvia, Sales manager Cindy and I continued our journey. Our destination was Nowy Wiśnicz in Poland. Customers started working with us in early 2017.

This visit was mainly to apologize to customers. In order to solve the customer’s delivery problem, we were happy to meet and solve the issues quickly with the customer. At this time, understanding is very important. We could fully understand the customer’s mood at the moment. Our leader said that whenever there is a problem, we should deal with the problem from the perspective of the customer, so that we are able to become the best PCB manufacturer.
So we sent the customer’s feedback to the company’s leadership, and the leaders immediately responded and began to arrange and resolve. The customer was very satisfied with the speed of this solution.

In fact, problem might be introduced to the PCBs for any manufacturer, what is proud of is that our failure rate is extremely low (<3%), with mature solutions to ensure the rights of customers.


Visited Dušan in Czech Republic on Dec 23th, 2018

–By Karen

Before leaving Prague, our best friend, the most trusting our customers, picked us up to Prague’s Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and other famous attractions to visit, and finally sent us to Prague Ruzyne International Airport. On the way, the customer discussed with us the problems that they need to improved, the future procurement plan, and also told us the history story of the Czech Republic.
Happy time always goes fast.
Recalling the day I met with the client, he carefully prepared afternoon tea pastries and fruit for us. During the meeting, the customers were very satisfied with our delivery, price and after-sales service, all of his PCBs come from us, obviously we had become his best PCB manufacturer. We promise we will not slack off, will move ahead together with customers.

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