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3 Advanced PCB Technologies Which Are Changing the Markets

Advanced PCB technologies As the PCB market shifts from PC to high-frequency communications, smart devices, and automotive electronics fields, the PCB manufacturing and assembly industry are undergoing a series of changes. Now that the products are becoming smaller, more functions are required, if you have a deeper understanding… Read More »3 Advanced PCB Technologies Which Are Changing the Markets

What’s OSP Surface Finish?

What’s OSP Finish? OSP is one of the PCB surface finishes, means Organic Solderability Preservatives, which is applied upon the bare copper to prevent PCB from being oxidized. OSP is RoHS compliant and can be quickly removed in the PCB assembly processing.   What is OSP looks like? OSP looks… Read More »What’s OSP Surface Finish?

ENIG (Immersion Gold)

What’s ENIG? ENIG refers to Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold, or called Immersion Gold, is now one of most-used PCB surface finishes. The gold color of ENIG makes it easy to be distinguished. Actually Electroplating Gold possesses a similar color, but rarely used currently. What is the advantage of ENIG? The advantages… Read More »ENIG (Immersion Gold)

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