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Suggestions on making medical circuit board

Application of Medical PCBs

Medical PCB is one of the high-end PCB products, which becomes more and more important following the market for medical electronics rapidly grow. The applications of medical PCBs cover so much, including different types of monitors, scanners, pacemakers, temperature devices, fluid controllers, in recent years, more personal healthcare devices have penetrated into daily life.

Reliable Medical PCB

Qualified medical devices do not only provide more accurate experience and reports for clinical diagnosis while saving labor and cost but also contribute to improving personal health. For ensuring medical devices perform as expected, efficient circuit designs and highly reliable medical PCBs are very important.


Following listed some critical things in a design

1. It is not a joke to reserve the possibility of modification at the beginning of designing medical PCB. All our senior engineers we are doing this. This reservation may be to ensure that all traces are accessible from the top layer, or make the vias and test points large enough to easily connected by jumpers. In addition, you should reserve extra spacing for each component.

2. Take into account to divide the components into different regions, ensure that the overlay provides the correct component position and number.

3. Add more ground planes, which will efficiently suppress Signal-to-Noise ratios (SNRs). The ground plane can be placed on every layer, all the grounds are got connected by vias.

4. Don’t forget the design logic to manufacturing and assembly. Is the irregular shape easy for the PCB manufacturer to panelize? Is the position of the connector easy to access? Is the ground pad easy to solder? More importantly, have you conducted a virtual assembly test?

5. Provide sufficient test points, which helps to minimize the error during the testing.

6. Use components with care to avoid outdated or difficult-to-obtain components on your medical PCB, and set up a spare group. In the selection, please put PCB assembler‘s suggestions into consideration, work together with them.


PS Electronics is one of the medical PCB providers that get reputations

  • We have got qualified by ISO9001:2015, UL, lead-free production follows ISO14001, RoHS, REACH.
  • Smaller and smaller medical devices get output here, we specialize in advanced PCBs. Flexible boards can reach 6 layers, HDI boards limit size reaches 5 *5mm, while capacity up to 12 layers by any layer builds.
  • In the assembly section, BOM analysis provides discreet suggestions in component selection,  we’ll work with you to improve the most efficient assembly model.
  • Use highly active solder paste and green flux from the top 3 suppliers in Japan, we must have at least 2 cleanings per board, including ultrasonic cleaning. We know that customers in medical industry will not accept unreliable soldering and boards with specks of dust.
  • No MOQ, you can start from 1 piece. Before mass production, we go PCB & PCBA prototyping for every client, which can be completed in as fast as 3 days. You can get a conclusion quickly, is it the one for you?
  • Manufacturing and assembly in China, with lower labor costs, diversified component market, we will delivery competitiveness to you.


Contact us for the turnkey services, you just need to hand over the manufacturing and assembly tasks to us, and then turn back to your developing business.

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