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Stories about a circuit manufacturer & the Europe customers

Visit in France on Nov 6th, 2017

–By Ben

So glad to have a chance to visit my first Europe customer. As their circuit manufacturer, when I said we will visit them, my clients were so happy, told us how to get there, and gave us some info that where we could live. When we got there, my clients were out of the station to wait for us. We were so surprised.

When we arrived at their company, the employees were very friendly and enthusiastic. My customer was so talkative. He told us many things include their company, their products, their previous circuit manufacturers, and the PCB boards we made. They were very satisfied with our boards, no matter on quality or delivery time. It gave us much confidence. After that, they showed us the working place, and their products, very interesting. In the end, he introduced a customer to us to support our business. We will always appreciate that.

It was a good experience to meet our clients in France. All things were good, only pity was that the schedule was tight, we had no time to visit the Eiffel Tower. I hope we will have the second chance to there soon!

Visit France in 2017


Visit in Portugal on Nov 7th, 2017

–By Ben

Finished the visiting in France, we arrived Portugal on Thursday. Portugal in my mind is a small country, while the local people were very nice and helpful. The landlard of our hotel picked us up to the restaurant and helped us to order food as many of people can’t speak English.

When we contacted with our customer we found there was a misunderstanding. We can’t meet them next day as they had a holiday. So we changed the time to that night. Our customers waited us in the company and we took a taxi to get there at about 7:30 pm. Thank you very much for their time and patience.

During the meeting we showed our video to them and introduced our products, they also introduced their company info and some details of the PCBs they need. At about 9 pm we finished our meeting.

our clients in Portugal


Visit in Spain on Nov 11th, 2017

–By Ben

After long trip, train, bus and taxi, we got to the hotel, not big while well decorated and warm. The next morning, we took a taxi to our customer’s company. From the outside, we can see the company is very good and beautiful, so it is when we get in.

The first impression customer gave to me was professional and responsible. In the meeting room, he introduced their company and products, and we showed a small video to advertise us. Then we discussed the Europe circuit manufacturers, and one of the PCBs of we quoted before, he took one to us and mark some important point. In the middle of the meeting, their CEO came in to introduce himslef to us, very kind and approachable.

It was a valuable experience of this meeting. Let us know we need to be more and more professional and responsible, providing the best service, and become circuit manufacturer that knows the clients best, then we could give customers confidence.

Our Spanish customers

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