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Thick Copper PCB

Product Specification:
  • Application:  Automotive, Power Supply, etc.
  • Base Material: FR4 Tg140, FR4 Tg170, Aluminum, etc.
  • Layer Count:  2-20 
  • Max Copper Weight: 12oz
  • Borad Thickness: 0.6-7.0mm

Thick Copper PCB Contract Manufacturing

You know that for PCB contract manufacturing, copper weight 1, 2, 3oz are the common options, which can carry most of the low power circuitries but cannot meet the high-power products’ needs, especially in power and automotive electronics. So that thick copper PCBs‘ demand increases rapidly, this type of boards possess copper weight from 4oz to 20oz (called extreme copper). Although the thicker ones are also possible but rare.

Thick Copper PCB

*Pic from epectec


PS Electronics caught up with this trend, we had made tons of thick copper PCBs in the past 15 years, all of which provided high performance exceeded expectations and benefited for our clients. Our capacity can reach max 12oz now, which can meet most of the high-power needs now.




Manufacturer: PS Electronics

Application: Automotive, Power Supply, Industrial high-power products

Base Material: FR4 Tg140, FR4 Tg170, Aluminum, etc.

Layer Count: 2-20 

Max Copper Weight: 12oz

Borad Thickness: 0.6-7.0mm

Surface Finishing: Hasl LF, ENIG (recommended), IAg, OSP, etc.



Conversion of Units

“oz” presents unit “ounce”, 1oz means the average copper foil weight on an area of 1 square foot is 28.35g, it is 1oz=28.35g/ft2.





Advantages of Thick Copper PCB



Company Certificates

PS Certificates



Manufacturing Capacities

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment Terms: By T/T  30 days after shipping
  2. Payment Methods: T/T or Paypal
  3. Price Terms: FOB, CIF+Delivery, DDU, DAP
  4. Shipment Methods: UPS, DHL, TNT, FEDEX, BY SEA, BY TRAIN, or BY AIR
  5. Inspection Criteria: IPC 6012 at AQL 0.65%
  6. PCB Package: Anti-Static Bags
  7. Production time starts from EQ confirmed




Q1: How long have you been making thick copper PCBs?

A: We start it from 1995.

Q2: How to get my project quoted?

A: Please contact us by Email or Live chat, you’ll get feedback in few minutes.

Q3: What if I have no a Gerber file?

A: Don’t worry and tell us your requirements or ideas, we can get it start from design.

Q4: What should be noted in making a thick copper PCB?

A: Note the ratio between copper weight and width of traces, 4oz requires 9mil more trace/spacing, 12mil for 6oz, 20mil for 12oz, etc.

Q5: What’s your acceptance standard?

A: IPC 2-3



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