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Semi flex PCB

Product Specification:
  • Material: Polyimide
  • Layer: 1-6
  • Thickness (No Stiffener): 0.15-0.63mm
  • Stiffener Materials: FR4, Polyimide, PTFE, Metal,etc
  • MOQ: 0

Semi flex PCB

Flexible printed circuit boards bring the possibilities for further reduction of size and cost for the digital products. Although the FPC boards produced by PS Electronics possess relatively good mechanical properties, there are still gaps compared with rigid PCBs, FPC boards likely get damaged in some extreme environments. At the same time, its high flexibility is not so good to fine mounting. Therefore, we sometimes attach some rigid materials to somewhere on the FPC boards as stiffeners to strengthen or fix, which in certain cases take more duties, such as heat conduction, connection, increasing thickness, and so on. These make FPC boards become semi flex PCBs.

Specification of semi flex PCBs


 PCB Type: Flex PCB  Manufacturer: PS
 Base Material: Polyimide  Layer Count: 1-6
 Stiffeners: Polyimide, FR4, Metal  Max Board Size: 508×508mm
 Min Trace/Spacing: 2/2mil  Min Hole Size: 0.075mm

Stiffeners for semi flex PCBs


 Stiffeners  PF  FR4  PET  PI  Metal
 Thickness  0.6-2.4mm  0.4-2.4mm  0.025-0.25mm  0.0125-0.125mm  As request
 Heat Dissipation  Mid  Good  Weak  Good  Excellent
 Mechanical Strength  High  High  Low  Low  High
 Flammability (UL94V-0)  Yes  Yes  No  Yes  Yes
 Used For  Through-hole parts  SMD with pins  Connector  SMD  SMD

Semi flex PCBs' pictures


PI stiffened semi flex PCB

Plugging in semi flex pcb

Connection portion semi flex PCBs

semi flex PCB with thick polyimide

Al sttifened semi flex PCB

Questions about semi flex pcb


Q1: Do I have to add stiffeners to the FPCs?

Not really, the stiffeners are not included in the circuit design. If your PCB does not have the rigidity requirements and does not need for an additional thickness, it does not need to be stiffened. In fact, the stiffeners are not allowed to be attached to some high flexible boards.

Q2: Which thicknesses are available for the stiffeners on semi flex PCBs?

It basically depends on specific designs and requirements. Commonly, 0.8mm, 1.0mm or 1.5mm for FR4, 0.1mm for Polyimide.

Q3: What is the lead time for making semi flex PCBs?

Mainly depends on the quantity, prototypes can be delivered within 1-2 week.

Q4: What are needed for the manufacture?

Gerber data (RS-274-X), and special requirements if you have.

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