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PCB Manufacturing and Assembly for Communication

Product Specification:
  • Material: FR-4
  • Layer Count: 2
  • Thickness: 1.2mm
  • Copper Weight: 2oz
  • Additional Process: Protective Coating

PCB manufacturing and assembly for 5G

PCBs, especially multilayer HDI boards are the core components of communication products, with the advent of the 5G era, the stability, flexibility, and ease-use of high-quality PCB manufacturing and assembly will play a more important role. PS electronics provides quick turn PCB manufacturing and assembly for a variety of communication products like base station equipment, wireless equipment, terminal digital products, etc. The 5G phones below we produced for our customers employed Class-A substrate, 100% original components, RoHS & REACH compliant. These products quickly got through the inspection of local market operators, now the sales of the products are growing rapidly.



Quick Details

 Place of Origin: China (Mainland)  Brand Name: PS
 Application: 5G Telephone  Base Material: FR4
 Flammability: UL94V-0  Layer Count: 2
 Min SMD: 0402  Number of Placements: 179
 Copper Weight: 2oz  PCB Thickness: 1.2mm
 Min Hole: 0.25mm  Min Trace/Spacing: 0.15mm
 Surface Finishing: HASL LF  Soldermask Color: Green                     
 Assembly Process: Doulbe-sided Mounting  Additional Process: Protective Coating
 Inspection/Testing: AOI/ICT, FCT



The Reliable PCB Assembly Processing

PCBA processing




PCB manufacturing and assembly for 5G equipment

Reliable PCB manufacturing and assembly for 5G telephone





Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment Terms: 50% deposit, 50% before shipping
  2. Payment Methods: T/T or Paypal
  3. Price Terms: FOB, CIF+Delivery, DDU, DAP
  4. Shipment Methods: UPS, DHL, TNT, FEDEX, BY SEA, BY TRAIN, or BY AIR
  5. Inspection Criteria: IPC 6012 at AQL 0.65%
  6. PCBA Package: Anti-Static Bags
  7. Production time starts from EQ confirmed


Q1. How long have you been providing PCB manufacturing and assembly for communication products?
As early as 11995, we started to manufacture communication PCBs, it came to the assembly when our assembly plant established in 2008.

Q2. Who is your biggest client in the communication industry?
Earlier, we worked with Motorola, meanwhile Foxconn and Renge have been keeping the long-term partnership with us.

Q3. How long does it take for your PCB manufacturing and assembly?
Depends on design, quantity, also considering the fluctuations in the component market, we will analyze the BOM and schedule it for you. For details, please contact us through the following methods.

Q4: What files and documents do you request for PCB manufacturing and assembly?
Gerber files RS-274-X, centroid data and BOM list for PCB assembly.

Q5: Which is your assembly standard?
IPC-A-610 Class 2 compliant.



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