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Microwave PCB

Product Specification:
  • Material: PTFE, PPO, CE, etc
  • Surface finish: Hasl lead-free, ENIG, OSP, etc
  • Min trace/spacing: 3/3mil
  • Min via: 0.15mm
  • MOQ: 0

The microwave PCBs refer to the ones produced by a conventional rigid PCB manufacturing method on a specific high-frequency (>1GHZ) copper clad laminates. In the PCB industry, microwave PCB is another development trend in addition to HDI circuit board.

In order to achieve high-speed transmission, it is necessary to achieve low loss and low delay of the signals, so copper-clad laminates who having low dielectric constant and loss are needed. Materials that can meet the requirements are such as ceramic, fiberglass, and PTFE (Teflon), among which, PTFE possess the lowest dielectric constant (typically 2.6~2.7) and the dielectric loss tangent (0.002). It is the largest amount of materials are used to make microwave PCBs.

The market for microwave PCBs is growing very fast, in the fields of communications, medical, military, automotive, instrumentation, etc., according to predictions, microwave PCBs may account for about 15% of the total global amount after several years.

PS obtains raw materials from manufacturers that provide high-quality microwave PCB substrates, among which the famous ones are Rogers and Taconic.



 PCB Type: Rigid circuit board  Manufacturer: PS
 Base Material: Rogers, Taconic, Isola, Wangling, etc  Max Layer: 20
 Min Trace/Spacing: 3/3mil  Min Hole Size: 0.15mm
 Surface finish: Has, Hasl lead-free, ENIG, OSP, IAg, etc  Max copper weight: 12oz
 Hole Wall Copper: ≥ 20μм  Mixed Stackup: Rogers/Teflon/Arlon/FR-4


Rogers Microwave PCB

Rogers Microwave PCB

 Bare Microwave PCB

Bare Microwave PCB

 Teflon Microwave PCB

Teflon Microwave PCB

 Taconic Microwave PCB

Taconic Microwave PCB


Q1: What is microwave PCB?

Electromagnetic waves with a frequency greater than 1 GHz are called microwaves, and circuit boards made of high-frequency materials are just called microwave PCBs (high-frequency PCBs). They are often seen in RFID, remote base-stations devices.

Q2: What kinds of raw material do you use?

We understand that microwave PCB considers Dk (dielectric constant) and Df (loss tangent), so comprehensively evaluate and select high-performance materials such as PTFE (Teflon), PPO, CE, BT, etc. We’ve got some first-grade raw material suppliers, including Rogers, Taconic, Isola, etc.

Q3: What is the lead time?

Depends on the quantity and design, generally a bit longer than regular rigid PCB, prototypes can be delivered within 2-3 weeks.

Q4: What are needed for the manufacture?

Gerber file (RS-274-X), please also include the specific material and thickness you need, such as RO4530 with 0.25mm.

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