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High-Performance Copper PCB

Product Specification:
  • PCB Type: Copper Core Board
  • Layer Count: 1-2
  • Thermal Conductivity: 1-8W/M.K
  • Max Board Length: 1200MM
  • MOQ: 1 Piece
  • Lead Time: 1-3 Weeks

We Produce High-Performance Copper PCB


The copper PCB (or copper core PCB) is stacked up by copper core, insulated layer and copper circuit layer, mainly used for high-frequency equipment, some communication equipment, high-power LED products, and other products required high thermal conductivity.


The typical stack is as follows,

typical stack-up of copper PCB

Copper PCB possesses high thermal conductivity, for thermoelectric separation copper PCB, it can even reach up to 300~400w/m.k, better than the other metal core PCBs (include aluminum PCB), which makes it a little bit expensive.


The Reasons Why Choose Our Copper PCBs


1. Excellent heat dissipation, especially in high power and LED products. Conventional materials such as FR4 and CEM3 do not meet the required high thermal conductivity, meanwhile, aluminum PCBs also perform poorly under some harsh conditions, which will lead to parts damaging because of failure to dissipate heat. The excellent heat dissipation performance of the copper PCB can solve this problem.

2. Dimensional stability, temperature raises from 30°C to 140 ~ 150°C, the size change of copper PCB is 2.5~3.0%.

3. Excellent mechanical properties.

4. Replacement of heat sink, to save PCBs’ spacing.


PS Electronics focuses on manufacturing copper PCB from 1-8 w/m.k, based on the top-level raw material (Such as C1100, C1220…). Optimizing processes and quality management guide reliable manufacturing, from which our clients benefit.

Manufacturing Capacity of Copper PCB


Manufacturing Capacity of Copper PCB

MFG facilities for copper PCB

Terms & Conditions


  1. Payment Methods: T/T or Paypal
  2. Price Terms: FOB, CIF+Delivery, DDU, DAP
  3. Production time starts from EQ confirmed
  4. Inspection Criteria: IPC 6012 at AQL 0.65%
  5. Quality Inspection is all based on IPC-6012 Class 2 
  6. Payment is required before shipping for the first order
  7. Shipment Methods: UPS, DHL, TNT, FEDEX, BY SEA, BY TRAIN, or BY AIR​


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