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Flex PCB

Product Specification:
  • PCB type: Flex PCB
  • Layer: 1-6
  • Max board size: 508×508mm
  • Thickness: 0.15-0.63mm
  • MOQ: 0

Manufacturing flex PCB

Flex PCB also called flexible circuit board or FPC board, it is a bendable circuit board. Flex PCBs meet the increasingly thin requirements of electronic parts, especially display parts, for the circuit boards, while being able to adapt to the multi-dimensional use environment, and has now become a key promoter of modern high-density electronic products.

Flex copper clad laminates are generally composed of insulating substrates, which are general Polyimide, adhesive, and copper foil,  the structures are as shown in the following figures.

Flex PCBs require more elaborate processing and higher cost, PS Electronics has been manufacturing Flex PCBs for years, now can customize 1-6 layers FPC boards. We utilize equipment and processes that are more suitable for Flex PCBs, not only to improve efficiency but also to minimize customer costs.

details of PS FPC boards


PCB Type: Flex PCB Manufacturer: PS
Base Material: Polyimide Layer Count: 1-6
Thickness: 0.15-0.63mm Max Board Size: 508×508mm
Min Trace/Spacing: 2/2mil Min Hole Size: 0.075mm
Copper Weight: 0.5-2oz Thermal Shock: 5×10Sec @288
Impedance Control: ±5% Flammability: 94V-0


single sided flex PCBmultilayered flex PCB

finished flex PCBs


2-layer flex PCB

2-layer Flex PCB

1 sided flex PCB

1 sided flex PCB

FPC board panel

FPC board panel

Keyboard FPC board

 Keyboard FPC board

Flex flat cable

Flex flat cable

Irregular flex PCB

Irregular flex PCB

Touch screen FPC board

Touch screen FPC board

Questions about FPC boards


Q1: What is the difference between rigid PCB and Flex PCB?

They are identical in electrical purpose, but the flex PCB has the flexibility that cannot be achieved by the rigid PCB, it can be used in highly flexible or fine parts, more complicated physical structures. Flex PCB can be better as an electrical connection part, which saves the connectors compared to rigid PCB. But in general, flex PCB is more expensive than rigid PCB because of the fine process.

Q2: What is the application of FPC board?

Mainly in cell phones, LCD televisions, antennas, laptops, cameras, and printers. And in recent years, FPC boards have been brought to the high-tech medical fields.

Q3: Can you add stiffeners to FPC boards?

Absolutely, we commonly use steel foil, aluminum foil, PF, PI, FR4, or PTFE to make the stiffeners.

Q4: What is the lead time?

Mainly depends on the quantity, prototypes can be delivered within 1-2 week.

Q5: What are needed for the manufacture?

Gerber data (RS-274-X), and special requirements if you have.

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