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PCB vendor’s trip to the US

The trip to the US on Sep 27th, 2017

–By Taylor

It’s an appointment close to National Day. We met in the morning, September 27, 2017.
Even we are so close to the factory, we get very early to prepare everything. We just walked 5 minutes to reach there, Glendale, CA. Ari is a very nice gentleman, he recommended us as their best PCB vendor to his whole team one by one. We visited the production line, everyone is so professional in working. Even they are so busy, they always give us smile.
After meeting, Jim shared his family members with us, also cute dogs. He loves all his family. They are very grateful to receive such a special gift with Chinese culture, also we got special gifts from Ari and Jim. This shirt makes us so warm and touched.

being customers' best PCB vendor 

The trip to the US on Sep 29th, 2017

–By Taylor

He looks like my grandpa, so easy-going man, but he is so busy businessman. We are so happy we can meet in Simi Valley.
We shared our capacity, equipment, our team and so on, he told us that he know many PCB vendors, and the price is not the most important. He cared about the high quality and delivery on time, that was the reason he choose us. We discussed some projects and also get lots of new projects this time. After that, he offered us to Santa Monica even he was so busy. We had a very wonderful time here.

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PCB vendor trip in the US on Oct 6th, 2017

–By Taylor

Chicago is a very beautiful city. Also, the people are nice. Tony and Mike are this kinds of people.
They introduced all the production lines and people for us, and we talked about some projects together. They kept the business with a local PCB vendor for a very long term, after meeting us he changed his mind. I did still remember the first time we get contacted by email after a nice talking on the phone.

After our meeting, we visited the factory around. We got a lot of smiles and voices, they all knew we are come from PS Electronics, that PCB vendor from China who provide excellent jobs for their company. We are so touched.

After we finished the meeting and visit, we all went shopping, it was very wonderful.

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