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PCB Quote in Front of the Customers

Instant PCB quote in customer’s office on Nov 21th, 2017

–By Yoli

My name is Yoli, work in PS Electronics, the China PCB manufacturing & assembly expert, my customer visits happened in 2017. When we came to Spain, the weather was hot and we also met rainbow, it meant good lucky and good begin in our view, when we met our spain customer, they were so nice and friendly, they provided some suggestion at our meeting, we made a PCB quote in the office just within 5 minutes, he praised us that we were professional because we made the PCB quote so quick, he said we were a responsible team because we were patient to slove their question and record every important point, all of which were just our jobs, only we meet our customer requirement, our customer could accept our work and keep long-term business relationship, finally customer was very happy and picked us up to hotel, we were moved by our customer, it also gave us much confident, we believed we could become stronger and stronger soon.


Visited Denmark on Nov 22th, 2018

–By Yoli

On 22th November, Penny and me come to beautiful Denmark and meet our Denmark customer, though the Weather was very cold, but we were still happy and excited, because I would meet my lucky star, he is very nice guy, when I met him, he was very handsome and his english was so great. Then we began our pleasant and relax meeting, we were so happy to hear that he was satisfied with our services, no matter PCB quotes, manufacturing or technical supports, he also promised he would try his best to give us more orders, I was so moved, no matter how, really thanks for his support and trust, we will continue provide good quality and best service for our customer. Finally we visited their production line and ended our first Denmark customer visit.


The PCB quote finished in Germany on Nov 28th, 2017

–By Yoli

After long bus distance and had lunch, finally we came to my Germany customer in Berlin, it was also first time to take bus in Europe, so it was new try for us, when we met our customer, he looked very gentle and easygoing, he took us to visit their company, he was patient to tell us about his company, we asked him how about our boards and service, he told me that we were their first Chinese supplier, he was also satisfied with our service, because we replied his email in time and our PCB quality was great, then the PCB quotes were finished as his required, which made him quite satisfied. We told him we could work together and grow, he was also so happy, we also believe we could have many business under our joint efforts, because we had same goal, only we provide good quality and best service, we could become better better!

PCB quote in customer's office, Germany

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