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Introduction of PS’ PCB Manufacturing Process

About PCB Manufacturing Process of PS Accurately, our PCB Manufacturing Process is a Turnkey PCB service, which is the combination consist of includes PCB manufacturing, component sourcing, PCB assembly, and other value-added services. PCB manufacturing, the stage next to quote in our PCB manufacturing process. We have three PCB factories with… Read More »Introduction of PS’ PCB Manufacturing Process

What is SMT stencil?

What is SMT Stencil? SMT stencil it is a mold used for surface mounting, the hole on SMT stencil is aligned to each SMD, aimed to put solder paste or red glue at the corresponding locations on the empty PCB board. Classification of PCB Stencils A. According… Read More »What is SMT stencil?

Hiring – High paid PCB jobs

PCB Jobs Opportunities PS focuses on PCB & PCBA manufacturing, high-quality contract electronic manufacturing brings us with a large number of enterprises and engineers around the world. We have reached some proud achievements, which owe to all of our members, rather than one or several. With the continuous joining of the excellent… Read More »Hiring – High paid PCB jobs

3 Advanced PCB Technologies Which Are Changing the Markets

Advanced PCB technologies As the PCB market shifts from PC to high-frequency communications, smart devices, and automotive electronics fields, the PCB manufacturing and assembly industry are undergoing a series of changes. Now that the products are becoming smaller, more functions are required, if you have a deeper understanding… Read More »3 Advanced PCB Technologies Which Are Changing the Markets

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