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How to get PCB Gerber?

What’s PCB Gerber?   PCB Gerber is an ASCII format, describes binary images. It was originally developed by the Gerber Systems Corp in the 1980s, used for vector photoplotters. With the development of photoplotters, the ease of use and compatibility of Gerber format has been continuously developed and is now… Read More »How to get PCB Gerber?

Dry Film VS Wet Film

What are Dry Film and Wet Film in PCB Manufacturing? It is known that the circuit patterns need to be moved to circuit boards from CAD files, a series of processes and materials are required. During the exposure and development processing, the PCB manufacturer uses a kind of cleanable… Read More »Dry Film VS Wet Film

LED Exhibition in Poland 2019

Pingsheng & LED Exhibition Pinsheng electronics Co., Ltd has got extensive experience in lighting products and accumulated a large number of customers with a reputation in the lighting industry, including some international corporation. In March 2019, we will participate in the three-day International LED Exhibition in Warsaw, Poland, hoping… Read More »LED Exhibition in Poland 2019

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