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PCB Supplier

A 26-Year-Old PCB Supplier

Becoming a PCB supplier for 26 years, PS has not stopped following the latest technologies, we make rigid PCBsFPC, and rigid-flex PCBs. High-Mix Low Volume is available, as well as Mass procution, no MOQ for prototyping. As a veteran PCB supplier, we know how to provide cheap and quick turn PCB.

Comprehensive PCB Solutions
 Fr4/CEM3 PCB The most common PCBs, for every PCB supplier, most cost-effective.
 High Tg PCB More heat resistant, better dimensional stability, PS is a PCB supplier of Tg130-190 boards (FR4).
 Metal core PCB High thermal conductivity, Aluminum, Iron, Copper core PCB, good for LED products
 Rogers PCB Specifically refers to the PCBs using Rogers high-frequency materials.
 Teflon PCB Another high-frequency material, widely used in the microwave industry, few PCB supplier provide, but   PS does.
 Halogen free PCB         Do does not contain any compounds derived from Halogen, which is environmentally friendly and   flameproof.


PCB Manufacturing Processes


Packaging & Delivery

Lead Time:

 Quick-turn Prototyping 24 Hours
 Small Batch 6-12 Working Days
 High Volume 2-3 Weeks

Packaging: Vacuum Packaging & Carton Box & Desiccant & Humidity Indicator

PCB Supplier

Classification Items Capability
 Materials Base-material

 FR4, CEM-3, high frequency, PTFE, halogen-free, Aluminium   core material, Copper core material, etc.

 Material brand KB, ITEQ, SY, ISOLA, Rogers (Arlon), Ventec, Laird, or other   laminate on customer’s request.
 Min. core thickness 3 mil
 Prepreg 1080, 2116, 7628, 7630
 Copper foil 1~15oz
 Solder mask Rongda, Taiyo, Nanya or other brand on customer’s request.
 Hole Min. drill size 0.2mm
 Min laser drill size 3mil
 Hole diameter tolerance ±0.05mm
 Hole location tolerance ±2mil
 PTH Aspect/ratio 12:01
 Image transfer Min line width/space 3/3 mil
 Finished copper thickness 12 oz
 Layer to layer registration 2 mil
 Etching Line width/space tolerance ±10%
 Solder Mask Via plug Via size: 0.2~0.8mm
 S/M registration 1 mil
 Solder dam width 4 mil
 Finishing HASL YES
 HAL lead-free YES
 Immersion silver YES
 Immersion Tin YES
 Gold finger YES
 Immersion gold YES
 Product Layer count 1~20 layers
 Board thickness 0.2~7mm
 Board thickness tolerance ±5%
 Max board size 800*650mm
 Min V-score residuals 0.1 mm
 Bow & twist ≤0.50% (max cap)
 Outline tolerance ±0.1mm
 Impedance control PCB YES
 Blind and buried via PCB YES (laser and mechanical drill)
 High frequency PCB YES
 Selective hard gold PCB YES
 Carbon ink PCB YES
 Aluminium base PCB YES

Capabilities for Flexible PCB

Feature Parameter (in) Parameter (mm)
 Layers 1~4 1~4
 Max Board Size 20×20 508×508
 Material Polyimide Polyimide
 Brand ITEQ, Dupon ITEQ, Dupon
 Min Board Thickness – 1-2 (layers) 6mil 0.15mm
 Min Board Thickness – 4 (layers) 8mil 0.2mm
 Min Board Thickness – 6 (layers) 10mil 0.25mm
 Board Thickness Range 6~25mil 0.15~0.63mm
 Max Copper Thickness 2oz 70um
 Min Line Width / Space 2mil/2mil 0.05mm/0.05mm
 Min Hole Size 3mil 0.075mm
 PTH Dia. Tolerance ±2mil ±0.05mm
 NPTH Dia. Tolerance ±1mil ±0.025mm
 Hole Position Deviation ±4mil ±0.1mm
 Outline Tolerance ±3mil ±0.075mm
 S/M Pitch 3mil 0.075mm
 Aspect Ratio 1/8 1/8
 Thermal Shock 5 x 10Sec @288 5 x 10Sec @288
 Flammability 94V-0 94V-0
 Impedance Control ±5% ±5%


Our Circuits Assembly Capacities

Equipment Quantity
 Drilling Machine 60
 Automatic Pattern Plating Line 2
 Horizontal PTH and Plating Line 2
 Developing Machine 4
 Hitachi Automatic Collimated Exposure Machine 1
 CCD Optical Auto Alignment Collimated Exposure 4
 Manual Exposure Machine 8
 Automatic Dry Film Laminator 2
 Etching Machine 1
 Scrubbing Machine 4
 CNC Routing Machine 12
 Automatic v-cut machine 4
 Punch Machine 5
 Pressing Machine 1
 Tunnel Oven 2
 OSP Line 2
 Automatic Silkscreen Printing 15
 Optima Double-Sided Scanning High Speed AOI 1
 Fully Automatic Test Machine 7
 Manual Test Machine 8
 Flying Probe Machine 4
 2-D Video Measurement 1
 Metallography microscope 2
 Impedance Test Instrument 1
 X-Ray RoHS Analysis Instrument 1
 Copper Thickness Gauge 1
 Film Thickness Gauge 1
 Magnifier 4
 Automatic Measuring Machine 1


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