PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

PCB Assy


Providing High-speed PCB Assy Services


PS understands electronic manufacturing needs became more and more concentrated, we set up our own China PCB assembly factory in 2008 to provide fully PCB assy services, with a solid customer base, the PCB assy factory developed rapidly, now we run printed circuits assembly in a 3600 square meters' plant with 6 SMT lines & 2 DIP lines.




Flexible PCB Assy Services:

  • Regular PCB assy
  • Partial PCB assy
  • Fully turnkey PCB assy

Multiple PCB Assy Methods:

  • Single-sided mounting
  • Double-sided surface mounting
  • Single-sided mixed mounting
  • Double-sided mixed mounting

Reliable Soldering Proccessing:

  • Reflow
  • Wave soldering
  • Selective soldering


  • Quick Prototyping
  • Small batch
  • Mid volume

Value-added Services:

  • Stencil customized
  • Protection coating
  • IC Programming
  • Additional PCBA testing

Widely Applications:



The Workflow

Turnkey printed circuits assembly in PS PCB assy plant


PCB Assy Capacities


 Turnkey service  PCB+Components sourcing+Assembly+Package
 Assembly details  SMT and through hole, ISO lines
 Lead time  Prototype: 15 working days; Mass production: 20~25 working days
 Testing  Flying probe test, X-ray inspection, AOI, Functional test
 MOQ  1 piece
 Files we need  PCB: Gerber (CAM, PCB, PCBDOC)
   Components: Bill of Material (BOM list)
   Assembly: Pick-N-Place file
   Functional test: Test guide
 PCB panel size  Min: 0.25×0.25 inches (6×6mm)
   Max: 20×20 inches (500×500mm)
 PCB solder type  Water soluble solder paste, RoHS lead-free
 Components details  Passive down to 0201 (01005) size
   BGA and VFBGA
   Leadless chip carriers/CSP
   Double-sided SMT assembly
   Fine pitch to 0.8mils
   BGA repair and reball
   Part removal and replacement
 Components package  Cut tape, Tube, Reels, Loose parts



Our Assembly Equipment


 NO.  Equipment  Quantity  Brand  Model Number  Hourly Output  Place of Origin
 1  Automatic Printer  4  Desen  DSP-1008    Dongguan
 2  Semi-Automatic Printer  5  Chuxin  PT-250    Shenzhen
 3  Loader  4  Chuxin  803    Shenzhen
 4  Place Machine  4  Samsung  471  100000  Koren
 5  Place Machine  1  Panasonic  MSR-LT  45000  Japan
 6  Place Machine  2  Panasonic  HT-121  45000  Japan
 7  Place Machine  2  Panasonic  CM202DS  43000  Japan
 8  Place Machine  1  Panasonic  CM301  5000  Japan
 9  Place Machine   4  YAMAHA  YV100xg  12000  Japan
 10  Reflow Machine  2+1  Chuxin/Jingtuo  HOTFLOW9CR    Shenzhen
 11  AOI  2  Aleader Vision  ALD510    Dongguan
 12  BGA rework station  1    SP3801    Shenzhen
 13  Oven  2+2        Shenzhen
 14  Solder Paste Mixer  2  Chuxin      Shenzhen
 15  Furnace Temperature Tester-01  1    TH-6000K    Shenzhen
 16  Wave Soldering Machine  3  Jingtuo  ROHS    Shenzhen
 17  Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine  3        Shenzhen
 18  Off-line Programming System  1        Shenzhen
 19  Electronic Microscope  2        Shenzhen
 20  DIP Molding Machine  Several  Lituo/Shunchengda      Shenzhen
 21  Automatic Dip Soldering Machine  1        Shenzhen