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Electronic Component Sourcing

15 Years' PCB Electronic Component Sourcing Service

PS Electronics is an experienced PCB components suppliers, we focus on the independent distribution of mainstream & shortage parts of European and American brands.

Our service team is consist of liable professionals, who own powerful electronic parts sources and rich experiences. We offer shortage electronic components and more than 40,000 kinds of parts in stock, long-term purchasing service is our strategic advantage because we can provide the same cost-effectiveness for different volume demands. better prices.

As a flexible solution, the electronic components sourcing service is a part of our advanced contract electronic manufacturing services, please contact us to learn more.

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Shortage Support & 40,000+ Kinds of Electronics Parts in Stock

  • IC
  • Capacitor/Resistor
  • Processors and Microcontrollers
  • Diode/Transistor/ Rectifiers
  • Switch
  • Optoelectronic devices
  • Crystal/Oscillator/Resonator
  • Connector
  • Memory/sensor
  • Inductor/Coil/Transformer
  • Display Module/LED Driver/Display Driver
  • Semiconductors

Globally Sourced Components

Recent Orders

Our Advantages

Forward-looking Information

We conduct comprehensive surveys and in-depth analyses of industrial development trends and market conditions, quickly and effectively discover potential resources around the world and reduce procurement costs.

Powerful Channel Resources

With 15+ years of industry experience, we have accumulated rich and reliable channel resources. These not only can find out low prices quickly and effectively but also ensure the customers will get traceable parts very soon.

Large in Stock

We will anticipate market trends and proactively stock up for our customers, that’s why we can always offer shortage parts and deliver fast to support our customers’ orderly production. Now there are 40,000 models available in our stock.

High-Quality Only

We ensure to provide 100% authentic parts which can be sent to third-party laboratories for validation. Strict IQC and advanced warehouse management are employed, free BOM analysis and DFA checks can make the batches more suitable for subsequent assembly.


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