Components Sourcing

Components Sourcing

Component Sourcing

Active & Passive PCB components are Available


Electronic component sourcing requires high profession and forward-looking, as a PCB assembly manufacturer, PS has a reliable procurement team who always keep up with the market & technology trends, they inspect the BOM at the beginning PCB assembly flow and then propose the best solution based on rich experience.


We'll join you at electronic component sourcing stage

  • Cost-effective parts bring us with customers,
  • PS relies on the Chinese market while actively builds overseas procurement teams, aims to cut down the costs of our customers and save time,
  • 100% of the components come from the original factories because we only choose suppliers with authorization,
  • 100% IQC, regular suppliers review, we will never be careless of quality.



Cooperated with famous PCB components suppliers     Forward-looking electronic component sourcing services     A long-term partner in electronic component sourcing


multiple electronic component sourcing channels     Original PCB components from mouser     Reliable PCB components from RS components


Future electronics is our electronic component sourcing partner     Abroad PCB components     Top level PCB components


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