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In 1993, we began to manufacture circuit boards in our PCB factory. The start-up members insisted on customer-oriented, we expanded the business after obtaining the support of many well-known customers.
PS started PCB assembly service since our assembly PCB factory was set up in 2008, then received a lot of praise from our customers in the following years. Afterwards, we recruited many professional and stable engineers and designers to start providing electronic design solutions to customers and being responsible for the results. 
Now that PS has formed departments that are independent and collaborative, our EMS PCB factory in China provide customers with quality one-stop solutions. 

Looking for a reliable PCB factory? Need quick surface mounting, through-hole assembly service? Tired to ask many sourcing platforms just for a suitable part? Throw these pressure off to us, you can have a coffee instead. No matter which service, the results will be delivered to a high standard, you will also see our high standard employees because PS means high standard EMS PCB factory.

Design & layout is the first step in EMS PCB factory


The PCB layout design team consists of professional and responsible designers, who ever worked at some companies like Huawei, ZTE, Qualcomm, etc, they have rich design and problem solving experience. If your project is delayed due to a design, please contact us. Starting from a first draft of the schematic, CAD drawing, or only just an idea, we will evaluate it for you immediately and feedback to you within 3-5 days.


Workflow of EMS PCB factory: efficient design

Welcome to visit our EMS PCB factory


AS a PCB supplier, PS offers different kinds of PCBs made in own PCB factory, such as rigid boards (glass-fibre, resin modified material, metal core, high-frequency material, ceramic, etc), FPC, rigid-flex boards, what cover consumer electronics, medical, automotive, communication, military, security, energy, industrial control and other industries. Our monthly rigid boards output reachs 50,000m2, the total volume in 2017 was 97 million.
ISO/RoHS/UL/REACH certificated PCB factory, IPC 2-3 standard, strict visual and machine inspection, 100% testing, vacuum packaging, all of these ensure you get the best quality PCBs.
And surely, we save you time, quick-turn prototypes can be delivered as soon as 24 hours.

Manufacturing processing in our PCB factory

Assembly services in our EMS PCB factory

PCB assy service is one of our main business. PS has 6 mature SMT lines with the daily capacity of patch up to 8 million points. ISO certified assembly PCB factory is strictly in the 5S system, rich experience provides the finest mounting to you, whether package 01005 or micro BGA, most employees are guaranteed to have got through IPC-A-600 training and obtained the certificates, 2 shifts in the production department keep it running day and night, quick-turn simple prototypes can be delivered within 3 days.  

Certificated assembly PCB factory

A mature EMS PCB factory must be able to find more suitable parts


While providing quality PCB assembly services, we also provide quality electronic components. You know the quality and price of PCBA is largely determined by the components used. We are now going together with a team of energetic purchasing engineers who are knowledgeable, and strict with suppliers. That all components come from the original factories or the authorized suppliers guarantees the price and quality, at the same time we are actively building overseas purchasing team to minimize customer costs.