Fast Turnaround PCB Assembly Services
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Fast Turnaround PCB Assembly Services

Product Specification:
  • Application: Industrial Equipment Motherboards
  • Assembly Method: SMD Assembly+DIP Assembly
  • Quality Control: X-ray, AOI, Visual Inspection
  • Quality Assurance: ISO9001, UL (E498662)
  • Min Order Quantity (MOQ): 1 Piece
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China Fast Turnaround PCB Assembly

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Fast Turnaround PCB Assembly 3

Fast Turnaround PCB Assembly 4



 Application: PCBA Motherboards
 Base Material: FR4 Tg150-Tg170
 Layer Count: 2-8
 Board Thickness: 1.0mm-1.5mm
 Min Hole: 0.25mm
 Min Trace: 6mil
 Min Spacing: 6mil
 Finished Copper Weight: 1oz-2oz
 Surface Finish: Hasl Lead-free
 Assembly Method: SMD Assembly+DIP Assembly
 Test Procedures: ICT, FCT, Burn-in
 Quality Control: X-ray, AOI, Visual Inspection
 Quality Assurance: ISO9001, UL (E498662)
 Min Order Quantity (MOQ): 1 Piece


We Get Trusted, Because...


PS Electronics is an PCB assembly contract manufacturer with more than 15 years experiences.


☆ We don't employ counterfeit components, the original components come from Level 1 distributor, such as Digikey, Mouser...


☆ The assemblies get output from 8 high-speed lines (Siemens/Panasonic/Hitachi) for fast turnaround PCB assembly.


☆ Employed 5S management, qualified by ISO9001, ISO14001, UL, RoHS, REACH.


☆ Quality assurance is the core, for which, the assemblies go through 100% E-test, AOI, X-ray, and a series of Tests. 


☆ Money-back guarantee for order-suspending. No MOQ and each order will have taken care of forever.


Introduction to PS Electronics


Overall Processing of PCBA

The process to make surface mount PCBs

Payment & Shipment


  1. Payment Terms: 50% deposit, 50% before shipping

  2. Payment Methods: T/T or Paypal

  3. Refund Guarantee: Cancellation will get fully refunded (Within 24 hours after receiving the P.O.)

  4. Price Terms: FOB, CIF+Delivery, DDU, DAP

  5. Shipment Methods: UPS, DHL, TNT, FEDEX, BY SEA, BY TRAIN, or BY AIR

  6. Inspection Criteria: IPC 6012 at AQL 0.65%

  7. PCBA Package: Anti-Static Bags

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