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Company profile

Company Profile


Reliable Circuit Board Manufacturing Company



Began this Trip in 1993


PS Electronics Co., Ltd was founded in 1993, in the beginning, a low volume circuit board manufacturing company, who believe that electronics would lead the future and benifit people. By reducing the cost and defect rate for our customers through over our own experience and core processes, we were trusted to receive more orders, with the chance to expand our businesses. 


Become the Turnkey Servicer


In 2008, we built own China PCB assembly plant on the experience and mature technologies, then we started to focus on integrating resources to provide customers with a reliable one-stop service, which now includes PCB designcircuit board manufacturing, circuit board assembly services, testing, etc, our customers get supported in 3 factories in southwest and south China, bringing their products to market. 


Make Electronics Easy-getting


Now that, about 800 employees work together in PS. In addition to experienced designers and engineers, the procurement team with rich sourcing channels, the QC team who can establish a complete quality management system by itself, the sales consultants of almost zero bad reviews, all of our front-line employees received IPC training and obtained the certificates.


Circuit board manufacturing company


Trusted by Clients


Our customers come from all over the world, mainly in Europe and the US, including many well-known brands, such as Videocon, Hikvisio, Compal, DMT, etc., we also serve lots of small and medium-sized enterprises.


Know us from the Graphics


Annual turnover of PS Electronics

In 2018, our turnover reached 102 million, what is keeping growing


Market share of PS Electronics

The United States and Europe are the most important markets for us


A veteran circuit board manufacturing company focusing on 1-8 layer boards

Focusing on manufacturing 1-8 layers PCBs


Our PCB products are widely used in various industries

Our PCB products are widely used in various industries


A certificated circuit board manufacturing company

Following international standards

One-Stop Solutions Get shortage parts supply and free PCB samples in very short time!