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About us

About us


Welcome to Your Custom PCB Assembly House!


Based in Shenzhen, China, Pinsheng Electronics Co., Ltd is an EMS company, who focuses in PCB Manufacturing & Custom PCB Assembly, the value-added services include PCB layout designelectronic component sourcing, etc., all of these get finished in own China manufacturing & assembly plants.


Fast Delivered PCB


PCB supplier 


Turnkey PCB Assembly


Custom PCB assembly



Make Things Easy


Actually, we are doing with a simple matter. Now about 800 employees work together in our 3 plants, while a variety of matters get involved there, which looks complicated but only for one thing, making electronics easy to get.





Why PS Electronics?

  • An ISO9001 company with ISO14001, UL, RoHS, REACH certificates, all the boards go through fully electrical testing to provide the best quality products.
  • Advanced machines support efficient running, experienced engineers are able to offer free support online. 
  • The long-term beneficial relationships with material & delivery suppliers shorten the sourcing and lead time.
  • Exact delivery times of making PCB and PCB assembly are given so you can prepare the project schedule ahead of time, at PS, custom PCB assembly can be delivered as fast as 3 days.

Now that about 38% of our customers come as referrals from the other ones, what our services tell them is that we're reliable.



Company Culture


Business Philosophy

Pragmatic management, quality service, honesty and mutual development.

Quality Policy

Scientific management, continuous improvement to excellence, meeting customers' requirements.

Enterprise Spirit

Respect, mutual help, learning, dedication, and improvement.


Company is the common community of all staffs' benefit, career and destiny.


Build loyal partnership with customers.

One-Stop Solutions Get shortage parts supply and free PCB samples in very short time!