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Being the best PCB board maker of customers

Visited Tomas in Germany on Dec 4th, 2018

–By Sally

This is my first visit to European customers as a PCB board maker , everything feels so exciting.

Germany was our first stop, face-to-face communicate with “grandfather” is good, we talked about price, quality, delivery and various ways of transportation for PCBs. We received high praise from the customer about our in time response! Later, he invited us to visit the production line and promise will send us a sample order soon. Near the end, my custome give us some gifts from the company’s souvenirs, very characteristic notebooks and pens. Though it was very cold outside this time, we feel warm for the customer’s kindness and friendly. Finally, the customer insisted on driving us to the train station and told us a lot of interesting things about his family.

We will continue to provide our customers with the best PCB boards and services so that customers can rest assured!


Visited Iztok in Belgium on Dec 5th, 2018

–By Sally

After the German customer’s visit, we started our visit to Belgium’s customer.

The client cooperated with several PCB board makers before, started cooperation with us in early 2017. With the intention of expanding the cooperation, we were here. We made a deal with the price for mass production, and also talked some more details about the quality and delivery time control. Sometimes too much explanation is an excuse, so we PS Electronics put the quality control as our top priority, no matter income material, control, process quality contact or finally quality check, we put strict rules on it. Besides, when there come some difficulties, we will offer solutions and contact with the customer to improve efficiency.

See the pictures, the production line of the customer, they are very approachable about this visit and believe we will have strong cooperation for run long.

Funny customer in Belgium


Visited Pawel in Poland on Dec 11th, 2018

–By Sally

On December 11, 2018, we came to Krakow meet a rather friendly customer, who just became a father, never stopped smile through the whole meeting!
We paid attention to discuss the PCB samples, which we took with the visit, we marked down the special points of the package and also the fiducial mask of the PCB. Close communication is definitely able to make us know better about the customer, think about what they think and do what they want us to do, finally come to a win-win situation. As a good PCB board maker, the best service is to go to your place.

Visited Pawel in Poland

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