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A Letter to All of Our Dear Customers and Partners

Dear Customers and Partners,

Now China is suffering a new coronavirus

The new type coronavirus was found in Wuhan city at the beginning of 2020, which is highly contagious and has spread to other regions of China along with the transportation of China Spring Festival.

In order to protect the health of the Chinese people and the people around the world, Chinese government has adopted a series of powerful measures, countless Chinese people have also actively participated into this battle against the coronavirus. So far, we have achieved good results in the control of its spreading. Meanwhile, the virus vaccine has entered the research and development stage, althought which requires time, it is believed that the virus will be compleyely controlled in a short time with our joint efforts.

The impact on PS Electronics

Thank you for your continued trust and support to the team of PS Electroncis.

As the request of Shenzhen govenment, we delayed the resumption. We are as anxious as you, in order not to cause more delay to your projects, we had submitted application of resumption of work to the superior department and are waiting for the approval. The estimated time is after 17th, Feb. Please follow our Linkdein to get latest updates.

At present, most of the companies are also facing the same situation, including our raw material suppliers. Because the transportation is restricted, the raw materials supply get limited now. Besides, many of our guys are currently located in Hubei Province, which is the most seriously affected area, can not come to Shenzhen city before receiving government permission. All of these are expected to have a certain impact on our production capacity after resumption, we will try the best to recover all of those ASAP, and hope you can understand.

Is it safe to receive a letter or a package from China?

Yes, it is safe. People receiving packages from China are not at risk of contrcting the new coronavirus.

From the analysis by Chinese medical institution and world health organization, the new coronavirus do not survive long on obejects, such as letters or packages.


If you are in China now, please note to wear a face mask, wash your hands frequently, and avoid crowd for protect yourself from the virus; if you had already scheduled a recent travel to China, postpone is suggested if possible, perhaps avoid flying to any city of Hubei province.

Apologizes to all the inconviniences. We are confident to overcome it in a short time, hope you can trust and understand.

Many Thanks!

PS Electronics Team

11th, Februray, 2020

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