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What We Do

One-Stop Electronics Manufacturing

Real one-stop electronics manufacturing services, includes PCB design, fabrication and assembly, component supply, cable, and enclosure supply. PS saves your resources connected to multiple sites.

Local Manufacturing & Service

Located in Arizona, USA, PS set up automation plants in Mexico and China, the R&D department is located in China. We offer the most cost-effective and fast solutions.

Joint Design Manufacturing

PS provides entire solutions from product design to mass production, we are happy to discuss with companies their ambitious plans and take a proactive approach to advance design and manufacturing.


Years with PCB Solution


Square Meters Work Space


Customers in Worldwide


PCB Design

Covering high-speed digital circuits, high-power circuits, high-density interconnect circuits, high-frequency circuits, etc.

PCB Boards

Quick turn PCB services, trusted PCB supplier of rigid, flexible and rigid-flex PCBs, including FR4 PCBs, LED PCBs, HDI PCBs, etc.

PCB Assembly

Turnkey PCBA manufacturing with 7 high speed lines, daily capacity of pitch up to 560 thousands points, the min size as small as 01005.

Components Supply

PS provides electronic component sourcing services and shortage solutions for SMEs, all the parts are 100% authorized.

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High-quality and cost-effective electronics manufacturing services

Reliable Team

20 Skilled technicians are ready to serve you, an efficient components sourcing team creating cost-effective and shortening the delivery time as much as possible, more than 30 professional QC personels ensure you will not get the defected

Fast Delivery

Two shifts production in 2 plants, the PCBs can be delivered within as fast as 24 hours and PCBA prototypes within 3 days, fast shipment by cost-effective methods.

24/7 Service

24/7 passionate services, questions will get reacted within 5 minutes, quotes can get provided in few hours. Free technical support anytime, order tracking from pre-sales to after-sales.

High Quality

ISO9001/ISO14001/RoHS/REACH/UL certificated manufacturer, with 20+ times inspection procedures including SPI, AOI, X-ray etc. An experienced QC team PS refuse any failure.


Rich experience in one stop electronics manufacturing

2,000 +

Trusted by more than 2,000 enterprise companies


Over 99% customer satisfaction by 2022

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PS has been making PCBs for more than 26 years. We built our assembly plant and begin assembly business in 2008.

Please send your files and requirements to us by email Quote will be sent back as soon as we get through an evaluation.

For PCB please provide Gerber data (RS-274-X) or PCB layout files such as Altium file and special requirements if you have. For PCBA please provide the same documents as PCB meanwhile BOM (bill of materials) & CPL (Component Placement List). Besides if you need function test please include the test instruction.

We respect customer’s copyright and will never manufacture PCB for someone else with your files unless we receive written NDA agreement & ERP system are running to ensure that.

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